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Abakis (a.k.a. Aba Kiser) creates collaborative music that bridges new and old worlds: a delicate blend of classic soul led by powerhouse vocals and Kottke-style fingerpicking guitar. Born and bred in Virginia where she learned to sing jazz in her father's restaurant, Aba migrated westward to find collaborators in the woodland pockets of Washington State. On her newly released album "I'm One Too" (November 2014) the nuanced complexity of her raw folk songs have expanded to contain an entire orchestra thanks to the generosity of composer, collaborator and producer Kate Copeland.

In 2016 Abakis was selected as a fellow of the Dosti Music Project, a collaborative music residency bringing together musicians from India, Pakistan and the United States. After a sojourn in Brooklyn and points east, Aba has returned to Washington state to make the northwest her home. Her band Abakis and Company now sways with soulful folk and country swing, blending these together with elements of jazz. Stay tuned for more updates on her upcoming album.