Thank you Seattle airport!

I am so proud of this state...

...friendly TSA staff who ask "how many strings do you have?" then tell me I should apply to play at the airport. After a relatively painless security check I run into familiar faces in the band Maracuj√° playing in the main atrium: friends of the Centrum and the Port Townsend music scene. They are playing Brazillian tunes to the masses of floppy hats (they're coming back!). 

So... When did the Seattle airport get buskers?! (Apparently in 2012) This is awesome, and the possibilities start rolling through my head: ferry busker spots? Elevator music (Literally)? Even on-flight performances would probably turn a profit by making the flight feel like a nightclub and therefor encouraging in-flight alcohol consumption.

Speaking of which... I will leave you now to return to my $7 Fremont IPA, veggie wrap and sweet Motown cover jams from another busker Darius Willrich. Good job Seattle!

Good job Seattle!